Friday, April 24, 2009

Octomom Coctomom Adult Porn Movie

So it looks like the Octomom adult porno movie that Nadya Suleman was offered did go through and is selling exclusively by a company called Devilsfilms on their website. Don't know about you but Vannah Sterling, the woman playing Nadya Suleman as Coctomom looks exactly like her! Are they identical or what? Here are some photos and video clip. This is yet another strange episode in the octomom saga.

Octo-Mom interview UNCUT! (a parody)

Parody of "Octo - Mom" interview with Anne Curry! What you didn't see! Performed by Deena Marie Manzanares THANK YOU to Youtube for featuring this 2-17-09 #1 in Comedy!

Kimmel Interview with Octomom

Pictures of Octo-Mom's Pregnant Stomach